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Interior Design

Interior design today is a need of every space where humans live in. The scope of interior design and furniture design has widened its avenues from house to corporate &mega shopping malls. It deals with beautiful ambience and functional aspect of space planning. With rapid industrialization and mass production of furniture systems, the profession offers huge potentials for all interior designers. At UID we offer interior design for undergraduate programme as well as for post graduate programme. Our programmes are especially designed for all creative individuals desirous of taking interior designing as their professional career and serve the industry demand.

  • As an interior designer one will be trained to design and decorate interior spaces. There are interior designers who also work with architects in order to plan how a building can be constructed.
  • The main job of an interior designer is to prepare layout plans as well as prepare models. They also need to keep updates about the materials available in the market for the designing purpose.
  • They also provide guidance regarding the use of colours, fabrics and decorative materials in order to create an appealing and functional interior.
  • They are also responsible to sketch blueprints which mainly include structural features.
  • Interior Designers can work with architectural firms, builders, public work departments, hotel chains, metropolitan development, studios and theaters and exhibition organizers. etc. They can also start their own venture.

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UID have experts faculty from nid, nifd, nift, cept, symbiosis institute of design,, PEARL ACADEMY, mitid, school of interior design. AMOR INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, SHRISTI DESIGN SCHOOL. Application form are available on BRDS, afa, afda, silica, SKYBLUE INSTITUTE OF DESIGN , AFD India, Pahal Design