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12 May,2017

National Conference on Human Rights: Issues, Perspectives and Realities On 22nd July, 2017

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Event

The modern concept of Human Rights has been expanded over the years since the United Nations Declarations of Human rights on 10th December 1948. The term Human rights have been defined by the UN Training manual for Human Rights and monitoring as “universal legal guarantees protecting individuals and groups against...


10 May,2017

Client counselling: A young law student’s experience!

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Blog

Client counselling: A young law student’s experience -By Jayshri Goyal (Semester IV, UnitedWorld School of law) Once I was participating in a college competition on essential qualities of a lawyer, I chose the topic “Client counselling”. As a young law student, I am exposed to client counselling by seniors. But...


04 May,2017

UWSL had organized Free Legal Aid Awareness Campaign for the residents of Uvarsad Village

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Event

The Democratic fabric of the Indian Polity demands Justice and Equality for the Citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. In order to realize the ultimate aim of social justice and legal aid to the poor, Law Schools in India are mandated to serve as a catalyst...


02 May,2017

The officials of Paytm came to Unitedworld School of Law to give hands-on training to the students

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Event

The officials of Paytm gave a hands-on training on the operations of the Paytm services to the students of Unitedworld School of Law. The workshop was a part of a project undertaken by Unitedworld School of Law’s free Legal Services Clinic. The project, called ‘Make Cashless Village’, aims to make...


01 May,2017

A one-day seminar on “Positive & Cyber Criminology” with Prof. Natti Ronnel and Prof. K. Jaishankar

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Event

A one-day seminar was organized at the Unitedworld School of Law on the topic “Positive & Cyber Criminology and its role in criminal justice from global perspectives” on 28th April 2017. The momentous event was graced by the presence of Professor Natti Ronnel (Head of the Department of Criminology and...