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Applied legal training session

In legal education, imparting of the knowledge cannot be and should not be limited to classroom teaching method only. Students should be exposed to the real life situations like the real life court rooms, legal awareness camps, legal aid clinics etc. where the students can see the litigants, the victims and the justice seekers, can get firsthand experience about their needs and how they are approaching the lawyers. They may also see how lawyers are defending these client’s cases in the court rooms and how they are counseling the clients in their private chambers.

At UWSL such applied legal training sessions are regularly conducted by taking students to legal awareness camps arranged by the UWSL as well as by the District or State Legal services authorities. The students are also sent as interns to different courts, government legal departments, law chambers of lawyers to learn about client counseling, practical dealing with the cases and art of cross examination, examination in chief and arguments. UWSL also arranges for guest lectures on specific topics including IPPO, corporate rights, criminology and criminal justice etc for students so that they can learn about the issues and perspectives from different angles. Here students are also encouraged to observe specific social and environmental phenomena like violation of child rights, human –animal conflicts in forest areas, environmental pollutions and effects of the same on the flora and fauna as well as the human society as a whole; they are also encouraged to develop their own ideas and concepts on these issues to write articles, present papers and also to take positive legal actions like reporting the matters to the concerned authorities, helping the victims to get justice from the proper forum etc.