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10 May,2017

Client counselling: A young law student’s experience!

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Blog

Client counselling: A young law student’s experience -By Jayshri Goyal (Semester IV, UnitedWorld School of law) Once I was participating in a college competition on essential qualities of a lawyer, I chose the topic “Client counselling”. As a young law student, I am exposed to client counselling by seniors. But...


24 Apr,2017

The Usual becoming Unusual-the social life and reality

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Blog

By Simran Chowdhary Semester VI UnitedWorld School of Law Image Source: ovrdrv.com I roll out of my bed, gazing at the sun and basking in some sunlight with an absolutely fresh and free mind. But then I realized that something is missing!! No no..Not so philosophical. I could not see...


31 Mar,2017

She Can because-Beta Beti, Ek Samaan!

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Blog

She Can! – Written by Esha Maken, SEM -4, UWSL Today, I am writing about my being proud of myself, proud of being a girl, a daughter and a blessing. SHOCKED? I know it’s an inadmissible element in a society like India for a girl to be proud of herself....


31 Mar,2017

Sexism-Don’t discriminate on the basis of gender!

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Blog

A word that actually has various types of perceptions perceived by the various kinds of people some describes it as discrimination, chauvinism and what not but actually, people need to understand that discrimination is required, but only in necessary places or situations. Today my dad wants me to learn ironing...


31 Mar,2017

Book review of THE ALCHEMIST (1988) by Paulo Coelho done by Amol Shetty, Sem IV, 2nd Year, Unitedworld School of Law

by Mukesh Garg | posted in Blog

Maktub!–That’s the word which pops up in my mind whenever either any fortunate or unfortunate thing happens in my life. Maktub! It means “it’s written”. I came across this word while reading the best seller novel “THE ALCHEMIST” of none other but of the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. This...