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Debates and Mock Parliament

Debates and Mock Parliaments are an important co-curricular activity that has been designed with the intent to incorporate within the students an interactive learning that forms a basic attribute underlying the law making procedure and the Law. Such Mock Parliament and debating skills shall stimulate among the students a better understanding of the legislative system and simultaneously prepare them to become key players in decision making and legislative procedures at the state and national level.

Inculcating these debating skills, especially among the students who aspire to pursue their career in Law helps the student get hooked on reasoned arguments and research based data. Debate is a useful activity for students to develop oral presentation skills and to practice critical thinking, listening and argumentative skills. In fact, a good debate depends on the extent of research and investigation. During the Mock Legislature activity students explore and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a fictional Bill on its way to becoming legislation. In the process they learn research skills and consensus building in developing their positions on the issue. At UWSL, we endeavor to ensure that each student is made to learn and develop good oratory skills and the art of persuasion that would not only appeal our rational side, but emotional side too.