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Law research and case studies

One of the essential skills that a lawyer requires is to cultivate skills for legal research. While research in various provisions of law, social sciences and social behavior is needed to defend his/her client, we must understand that judges may also necessarily need to know about legal research. In UWSL, we nurture law students to be analytical to cultivate interest in research. Students are exposed to national and international conferences to learn about the present trends of legal research and art of presentation of papers. They are taught about ethical legal writing where plagiarism should be avoided. They are also guided to write scholarly articles for blind peers, review academic journals, edit book volumes etc.

Students are also encouraged to do critical research on judicial orders as well as social issues, government policy guidelines and its effects on the society. At UWSL, we believe that law students should also be encouraged to develop their own research ideas from various social phenomenons. Students are therefore encouraged to express their thoughts on various issues in simple languages which are published in the forms of blogs. UWSL has its own Research Committee where students are encouraged to discuss about new research topics and frame their research ideas through brain storming sessions with the peers as well as the faculties.