In an educational institution, students are nurtured and prepared to stand and face the real world once they qualify the tests of mentor and grant leave. Such Plan, Preparation, Perpetration and Produce require coaching and mentoring.

Imparting knowledge (coaching) isn’t enough. For better produce students need mentoring. Unlike coaching, mentoring works at the personal front.

Our esteemed faculty members (mentors) teach students (mentoree) about a specific issue, coach them on a particular skill, facilitate their growth by sharing resources and networks, challenge them to move beyond their comfort zone, create safe learning environment for taking risks and focus on their total development.

In Sanskrit there’s a beautiful shloka on five important values of a student’s life:

“Kak chesta, bako dhyanum, swan nindra tathaiva che,
Alpahari, sada chaari, vidyarthi panch lakshanam”


  • Perseverance of a crow
  • Concentration of a swan
  • Light sleeper like a dog
  • Light eater
  • Obedient and mannered

We believe in mentoring and mentoring is not only to make a student competent but also a good person.