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UWSL had organized Free Legal Aid Awareness Campaign for the residents of Uvarsad Village

The Democratic fabric of the Indian Polity demands Justice and Equality for the Citizens irrespective of their caste, creed, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. In order to realize the ultimate aim of social justice and legal aid to the poor, Law Schools in India are mandated to serve as a catalyst to provide social justice via the Legal Aid Clinics. 

In furtherance of the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India and as mandated by the Bar Council of India, Unitedworld School of Law, since its inception has contributed towards providing legal aid through its Legal Aid Clinic in order to fulfill the social responsibility by serving the poor and needy.

Human Beings are born with inherent and inalienable human rights and in order to protect the vulnerable class against the injustices in the private sphere – HOME or in the public sphere – SOCIETY, Unitedworld School of Law provides Free Legal Aid services primarily to the villages in Gandhinagar District. Access to justice is inevitable and primarily the citizens need to be sensitized for their rights. The Legal Aid Clinic at UWSL has served the justice seekers, poor and illiterate masses by organizing awareness campaigns and by performing skits to arouse citizens for their rights. Legal Aid Clinic at UWSL helps the villagers in procuring requisite Legal Documents and Government Identity Cards.

The poor and needy often are marginalized due to their social status. Bearing the concept of Inclusive growth and justice, Legal Aid Clinic at UWSL endeavors to empower the vulnerable class and provide them equal opportunity to access justice.  In order to curb this limitation, the legal aid clinic functions to provide best of its legal aid service to solve the problems of its clients by appointing lawyers and Paralegal volunteers. UWSL has government certified Para Legal Volunteer and all the requisite training is being provided to the PLV and student volunteers to serve the purpose.

The Contribution of the Legal Aid Clinic also caters to realize the objective of Digital and Cashless India, UWSL is striving to make Uvarsad Village a Cashless Village with the help of Financial Institutions and Para Legal Volunteers.

In order to serve the humanity and afford free access to justice, UWSL has selflessly worked towards empowering the inhabitants of Uvarsad Village. UWSL had organized first of its kind Free Legal Aid Awareness Campaign in association with Gandhinagar District Legal Service Authority for the residents of Uvarsad Village. The Legal Aid Clinic, UWSL has accommodated 750 Families of Uvarsad Village at its Campus on 3rd May 2017. The time and venue for the event were arranged suiting the comfort and availability of the villagers late in the evening followed by Dinner for 750 families of Uvarsad Village. This attempt was made with an objective to build trust in the residents of Uvarsad Village that they can knock the doorsteps of Justice without incurring any cost with the aid of Legal Aid Clinic under the aegis of Unitedworld School of Law.

The Event was graced by the presence of dignitaries of Karnavati University Shri Ritesh Hada (MD- United Group); Dr. Minal Upadhyay (Principal, UWSL), Dr. Akanksha Singh (Director, Administration, UWSL), Ms. Devanshi Patel (Head of Administration, UWSL)  and dignitaries of Uvarsad Village who are known for their contribution towards empowering the masses which included Shri Shambhuji Thakor (Vice President, Gujarat Legislative Assembly), Shri Mahotji Thakor (Chairman, Jilla Panchayat), Shri Mobatji Thakor (Vice President, Ta: Gandhinagar), Shri Rameshji Thakor (Sarpanch, Uvarsad), Shri Kanaji Thakor (Member, Gram Panchayat, Uvarsad),  Shri Punjaji Thakor (Member, Gram Panchayat, Uvarsad),  Shri Dhudaji Thakor (Ex. Member, Gram Panchayat, Uvarsad),  Shri Rameshji Thakor                (Ex. Member, Gram Panchayat, Uvarsad),  Shri Udaji Thakor (Community Leader, Uvarsad) and staff members of District Legal Service Authority, Gandhinagar. Moreover, 15 government certified PLVs who are leaders for their respective communities had also graced the event.

Shri Shambhuji Thakor, Vice President, Legislative Assembly, Gujarat had graced the occasion for the entire event and had presented his remarks on the importance of legal education as knowledge of the law is vital in every walk of life.

The objective of the awareness campaign was to sensitize the mass for their rights, inform them about the working of the Legal Aid Clinic at National, State and Taluka Level and the due procedure involved in accessing these Legal Service Authorities through the Platform of Legal Aid Service at UWSL. Such awareness was generated among the masses by skit performance and screening relevant video prepared by National Legal Service Authority and the Legal Aid Volunteers of Unitedworld School of Law. The proud moment and glory for such selfless efforts was felt when an overwhelming response of more than 750 families from the Uvarsad Village was witnessed at UWSL. The remarks for the event added to our satisfaction which stated that the villagers and their Sarpanch look forward to more such events and collaboration in order to empower their village. UWSL has become the first Law College in India to organize and accommodate huge mass with an objective to empower them by inviting them door to door along with their local community leaders.


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